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BongThom.com New Invoice Service




We are pleased to announce the release of a new service that allows you to download all official BongThom.com invoices and receipts online. The service provides details and download access to all official billing and payment documentation for your BongThom.com profile.

==> Please click the LOGIN NOW link in the email <==

to download your official BongThom.com invoices.

  • No account yet?       
    • Click the LOGIN NOW in the email
    • Quickly fill-in the necessary information
  • Already have an account?      
    • Login using your account email address [see the space here in the email to see your account email address] and your password

Why a new BongThom.com account?

BongThom.com is being upgraded to Version 2.0. Make an account now and you will be able to access your entire billing history and later it will also include:

  •    Full managment of jobs content
  •    Profile management
  •    Job-seeker applications management and history
  •    Advanced searching & matching
  •    Notifications and connections management
  •    Much more…

Create your new BongThom.com account because, moving forward, it will allow you to access the most flexible, efficient and cost effective service in Cambodia

Please note that for all emails about BongThom.com billing services:

  1.  You be addressed using your billing contact name. We will not use a generic greeting like, for example not to “Dear Client”.
  2. The email will be sent only from the email address noreply@BongThom.com
  3. Any billing content will link you https://billing.BongThom.com only.
  4. The email will not include information on how to pay us. You can find this information on our website only at https://support.BongThom.com/kb/faq.php?id=24

Please CONTACT US if you have any questions or comments about this email.

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Have you seen our new jobs portal for applied labour workers yet? It is Bong Srey (www.BongSrey.com). Please see the videos below to know how to use the service.

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