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BongThom.com 20th anniversary celebration !!



To celebrate the 20th year of service for BongThom.com we are making available a special offer. The offer is available to all current and previous BongThom.com clients and includes 50 great prizes and a chance to start using the new KRAWMA CONTROL PANEL. This new service has a range of amazing features that allows you to control and manage all of your recruitment needs. Especially made for teams of people from HR Managers, Recruitment Agents to accounting departments, the service will give you control and tracking for all jobs posting, job seeker applications, billing history and spending, and more. It also includes a range of new payment gateways so that you can pay directly and securely. It is the start of a new generation of service from BongThom.com.

How can i get the promotion?

To be eligible for the prizes, please follow the steps below:

  1. Either Login or Register for a Krawma Control Panel account.
  2. Make a purchase for Khoins through your account
    • Buy Khoins for $125 get an extra $15 worth of khoins free of charge
    • Buy Khoins for $225 get an extra $30 worth of khoins free of charge
    • Buy Khoins for $400 get an extra $50 worth of khoins free of charge
  3. Pay through online new payment gateway
  4. Continue to enter jobs by yourself and use your Khoins as you wish to publish, pin, hide and manage your jobs content.

**Note: This promotion is for self-managed recruitment and does not include full data entry and management services provided in-house by BongThom.com.

More information for this promotion, please contact our customer service.

Date of expiry for the promotion is the 31st of July, 2020