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BongThom.com Operations are Ongoing





We send this email to let know that BongThom.com and BongSrey.com are fully operational, ready, and willing to help fulfill your needs.
It has been a hard fews months this year as everyone around the world copes with the fallout from the Covid-19 pandemic. It has been particularly hard for the Kingdoms educational institutions as restrictions made necessary to circumvent this fallout came into effect. The country could not be prouder of the strength and resilience shown by the students, teachers and educational administrators of Cambodia during these difficult times.
Job recruitment announcements are a good measure of a countries economic well-being, and we can tell you that the rate of job ads fell by as much as 70% over the past few months. A substantial reduction that has seen a major slowdown in tourism, education and hospitality & services. It is pleasing to see, however, that things have bounced back well with the rate of jobs advertising coming back very strongly over the past few weeks. This is a good sign that the economy will recover and that graduating students still have the chance to secure good positions and gain access to a strong future.
Here at BongThom.com, we understand our responsibility to build services to create benefit for job seekers and employers. BongThom.com celebrated its 20th year anniversary in May of this year and also took the opportunity to release the first stage of a whole new platform designed to make the tasks of recruitment, application and communication easier and more manageable. It is known as the BONGTHOM.COM CONTROL PANEL and has a range of new features that allows personal management of all your content across all our domains. You can collaborate, work remotely and fully address all recruitment in your company or organization – even with disconnected teams. We invite you to sign-up for a new account here.
We wish you much more strength and resilience over the coming recovery period and look forward to serving your needs well into the future.


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